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Take advantage of this opportunity by obtaining your Registration Form from Oak Business Management School, study centre at no.37/39 Ogunnisi Road Aguda Ogba Ikeja Lagos. Don’t just stay at home, improve your employment capacity and build the competence to become an entrepreneur, whereby you will become employer of labour within a very short period of time. There is no age limit to learning, we learn till we die. Therefore, you are never too old to be a student. Be a student with a difference.

For further inquiries call the following hotlines: 07011640852, 07082772503, 07040231176, 

  • Students are able to combine full-time study with qualitative work place experience.

  • Students who are not yet qualified for Direct Admission can go through the robust pre-Diploma program.

  • We have highly qualified lecturers who also serve as mentors and career counselors to students.

  • Students have the opportunity for job placement in Blue chips companies in commerce and industry on completion of their Program.

  • There is no delay in the expected year of graduation because OBS is not a member of any Labour Unions that engage incessant strikes and school shot-down and closures.

  • The Diplomas are issued by Oak Business School

  • Students have the opportunity to study in a very conducive and air-conditioned classrooms comparable to the best anywhere in the world

  • A well-stocked library, an ICT centre and a Business Centre.

  • Affordable healthy meals in a very hygienic restaurant where the prices of food and water are highly subsidized for students

  • Above all, affordable school fees.

Researchers and scientist have all come to the conclusion based on empirical evidence that the best and most effective way to acquire knowledge and skills is when the student combines work with study. By so doing the student is able to harmonies classroom theories with practical work environment. This is made possible because of the quality assurance requirement of the School Management.

This is exactly what we give our student at OBS. You get the best of both worlds.

The whole idea is to make our graduates very competitive, employable and for them to become employers of labour within a very short period of time.

Take advantages of this golden opportunity by obtaining your Registration Form from Oak Business School (Monotechnic) at its Annex office at

no.37/39 Ogunnusi Road Aguda Ogba Ikeja Lagos.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity get your registration form now

For further enquiries call the following hotlines





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